What is shamanic healing?

When people ask me what I do, how does one define something that is undefinable? There is no specific definition as each shamanic healer or practitioner is unique in what they bring and how they do their work. Providing shamanic healing is a lot like art - each person is different in their own ways of healing, while following a somewhat similar foundation or rituals depending on which form they are using. 

From a historical perspective, shamans are defined as a special person chosen by their traditional societies. In some cultures, a person is chosen before they are born. These societies follow the belief that the nonphysical world has chosen this special person to channel messages or healing energies from the spirit world by reaching an altered state of consciousness. Shamans have been found in tribes and cultures all over the world since the beginning of time, according to many. It was not until the last hundred of years, when there was a decline in traditional shamanism due to civilizations becoming modernized by too many technologies and distractions, that we became separated from our root and true callings. 

While there are still tribes and cultures that continue to practice traditional shamanism, many of the modern shamanic healers have been collectively called back to this ancient practice through their own awakening. The spirits and guides have beckoned them to use their healing abilities to help others once again. This is the reason why many use the term, shamanic healer, instead of labelling themselves as shaman, so as not to be confused with the traditional ways, or to unintentionally cause disrespect.

When a spiritual awakening happens, the experience can be overwhelming and profound. Once you are awakened, it is hard to go back to the way things were before the awakening moment. The spirits and guides have always allowed for us to use our free-will. Those who have decided to proceed and move forward as a shamanic healer, are now here to channel the healing for others.  Do let me know if you are experiencing any form of awakening and need some additional guidance. I do offer a mentorship program which does not necessarily have to be a shamanic related type of awakening.

How can shamanic healing benefit me?

Any form of healing begins with an individual's desire to want to change or to better themselves on a holistic level. Healing is an ongoing process, not a one time event. There are no forms of medication, miracle potions, rituals or predetermined time frames that can get you where you want to be in life,, unless you are fully involved and patient with the process, because this takes time. This also includes giving up your own expectations of the results and accept the flow of the healing process. It is similar to trying to heal a broken bone - each person heals differently and the length of time that it takes to heal varies. 

Once you have joined in the sacred space with a shamanic healer, the focus on healing is try to balancing your internal wholeness. The shamanic healer will often initiate the process, then help you start to understand how to use the tools to heal yourself. As a shamanic healer uses their alter state of consciousness to take a scan of the state that the mind, body, emotions and spirit is in, a shamanic healer will also use this insight help you explore what is the root cause of the dis-ease in your life primarily through spirit. It is felt and often believed among shamanic healers that many root causes often originates in the spirit. 

Shamanic healing can be beneficial to you in addition to Western medicine. Sometimes combining the two will help bring more surprising results. So if you are ready to find what you are seeking, through other means that are not easily explained or understood, feel free to explore more of the options that are being offered. For the Shamanic Healing process, different modalities are used and channeled to help heal the soul aspect. 

 What does a shamanic healer do during a session?

Every shamanic healer varies in how they share their abilities with energy and connecting with helping spirits in other worldly realms. A session can consist of journeying, by the shamanic healer, to gather information from your helping spirits or power animals. It can also involve moving, channeling or releasing energy within you to help the healing process. Healing can take place either in-person, or remotely, while you are sitting or laying down because the shamanic healer can ask your soul to join them in their sacred space. The spirits have no concept of time or space, so in the altered state of being, a shamanic healer can join you wherever you are, or ask your soul to come into the sacred space that was created for you.

What is journeying?

Journeying is when a shaman or shamanic healer connects with their own spirit guides or power animal in a safe place designated in the spirit realm. From there, the shamanic healer's guides will communicate with your guides or power animal to reveal information or clues which can help you heal.

Every person in this physical realm is assigned a spirit guide or power animal in the spirit realm. A spirit guide or power animal does not always give us the direct answers we seek, only guidance to find the truth for ourselves. A shamanic healer can also assist you in connecting to the helping guides and teach you how to ask them for guidance in the future. 

What does a session look like for shamanic healing? 

Shamanic healing can take place in-person if you’re local, or remotely by phone, via Zoom, and by email or text. It's your decision what you are comfortable with. After an agreed upon time and date is confirmed, further instructions will be provided. Part of what happens during a session is that you will either sit or lie comfortably while the shamanic healer asks your soul to join us in the sacred space. The shamanic healer then goes through one or more of the clearing mentioned above, depending on what your soul needs.  Channeled messages or guidance from your spirit guides are also incorporated in the sessions. 

Sometimes you might get information that you do not think applies or benefits you - that's okay. Some messages or information is to be used or applied at a later time. Shamanic healers are not "psychics." While we do get information channeled to us, we are also aware that everyone has a free will and any decision you make in life can change the outcome for your future. In this case, shamanic healers often share suggested steps to take for the immediate future, rather than using them as future predictions. 

Shamanic healing do not cure anything. We assist you with feeling more whole. Healing is an ongoing process. Shamanic healers simply start or move the energies of self-healing along, then it will be up to you to continue with your healing journey. Tools will be provided to assist you with continuing your healing journey. The more invested you are in your own healing, the more transformation you will witness and experience for yourself!