Feeling like a part of you is out of alignment, missing or not complete? 

Finding yourself stuck energy-wise? 

Suffering from physical symptoms that are associated with stress, dis-ease, or illness? 

This healing process is for those who have blockage in their life, feeling stuck or have some unresolved physical or emotional symptoms. Energy works and shamanic techniques are used on your energy field during the session for healing and re-balancing of the core chakras. 

Part of what takes place during a session depends on what is needed and the messages that are received by both your spirit guides and mine. Some of what a shamanic healer will be doing on their journeying or channeling during a session are as follow:

Soul Retrieval - When one has some form of negative experiences that have impacted them such as trauma, fear, accidents, or oppression, part of their soul would leave to deal with the situation and sometimes it forgets to return, or does not feel safe to return back to your body. Soul retrieval is used to return to that time frame and negotiate with the soul to return to the body, so you can feel whole again. 

Soul Loss - This involves retrieving fragments of the soul that were either intentionally or unintentionally lost by being given away, or taken from you. This is also called a power loss. 

Soul Returning - This returns the soul fragments, that don’t belong to you, back to the proper parties.

Extraction Healing - Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness.

Healing Journey - This teaches you how to do self-healing and growth.

Chakra Cleansing - This cleansing through each or specific chakra removes toxic energies or blockages to get them working again. When the chakras are cleansed and the imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviors. 

Past Life Clearing - As our lifetimes are believed to happen simultaneously, this could involve a current life, or previous lifetimes. This technique is used to clear any old blockages that is keeping you from moving forward in this lifetime, or having unexplained pain/emotional issues.

Ancestry Line Healing - If your family lineage has a recurring issue or illness that needs to be released (Like for example, something happened to your great-grandmother and that emotional or physical pain is carried through the generations because it has not yet been released or healed). This healing is also used for addiction, illness, or pain that keeps coming up in generations of families.

Power Animal Retrieval - This is a shamanic method used to connect you with your helping spirits that show themselves in the form of an animal.  These helping spirits can provide us, our family, our community and even an organization or country with power, protection and support.

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