For many of us, living a non-toxic lifestyle is what we want to do, but there isn’t always enough information out there on how to do this. Young Living’s products are not only non-toxic, but their oils are also sustainably sourced. Following their Seed To Seal ( process, they only harvest what is needed, not what the demands are and respect the earth’s growth cycles. There’s no chemicals or sprays on their plants. They also make sure that the land itself does not have any chemicals for at least 50 years. That is way longer than what the certified organic approved seals requirements are. Many of their products and oils are safe for pets, children and those who want to live more organically and feel balanced. The oils contain so much energy that it can shift your emotions and mindset just by sniffing, diffusing or applying them.

That is not all. You know when you buy something and then you get home and do not know what to do with these items because no one explained this to you? The best part of signing up with Young Living is that you’ll receive support, education and information from both me and our amazing community.

If you are ready and want to take this one step further and get your own oils, you can click on the button on the bottom to get started. Although you can go directly to retail which means you pay the full price for a specific oil or product that you’d like, it’s so much easier when you sign up for membership and everything is 24% off! One of the common questions asked is, why do I need to order a Starter Kit? Young Living wants you to get the most out of your experiences so they have put together Starter Kits to allow you to give you a broader range of things to try out. There’s no commitment to order each month unless you want to, which usually comes with additional perks. Or if you feel like ordering occasionally, that’s fine too. This is designed to fit into your lifestyle. There are no membership fees at all and to keep your account active, you simply have to put in at least $50 order once a year. That’s it!

Let’s start with the Premium Starter Kit.

What is the Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter Kit is the way 99% of people get started with Young Living. 

With this starter kit, you also receive access to the 24% off wholesale discount, plus you get 12 of the most popular and most versatile oils plus a diffuser to get you going. 

The Premium Starter Kit includes the following oils:

Lemon: detoxing, solar plexus work, super cheery

Digize: tummy anything. Helps you digest and integrate new information and life changes

Lavender: better sleep, calmer skin, chilling out, universal energy balancer

Valor: grounding and alignment, courage in a bottle, assists with pre-jitters

Thieves: the thousands of years old blend for health, health and wellness keeper

Citrus Fresh: smells like literal sunshine

PanAway: keeps muscles and joints happy

Frankincense: sacred oil for centuries, will give you the best meditations of your life, help keep your skin glowing and your moods balanced

Peace & Calming: calms the mind, uplifts the spirit, relaxation, gentle and sweet

Raven: helps with deep breathing, and strong, protected, purified spaces

Stress Away: for daily life, heart opener and soother

Peppermint: throat chakra opening, breaks down stagnant energy, balm on tense heads, and soothes bellies

  • 1 diffuser of your choice

  • Samples of Ningxia red, a superfood drink

  • Thieves Household Cleaner sample

  • Thieves hand sanitizer

  • 2 roller tops

  • Optional access to our education groups on Facebook

  • Me, meditations in our community, and all the support that myself and our team can provide

$402 - $500+

$165 (or more depending on the diffuser you pick)

* If oils are not the way to go, Ningxia Red Starter Kit has antioxidants and energizing drinks. 

* Or the Thieves Starter Kit which has household products to get you started on a toxic free lifestyle. 

* Interested in make-up? There’s a Savvy Mineral Starter Kit that you can try out.

* Also, if you have specific items in mind and don’t want all of what is listed above? Not a problem as there is the Basic Starter Kit which has Stress Away oil, 2 Ningxia Red packets and 1 Thieves Household Cleaner packet along with a roller filament (wonderful addition to have!) for $45 and then you can order your specific items after that. 

The Sign Up Process:

Ready to start on your wellness journey? To order your oils or other Young Living products? I am super excited that you are interested in your path to wellness. If you run into any trouble while doing the sign up process, please let me know and I’d be happy to help out!

The first step is to click on “Sign Me Up!” below and it’ll take you to Young Living’s sponsored site with my ID number as the Enroller and Sponsor number: 14978791. Once you are in there:

1. You’ll want to choose Member (not Retail! You’ll pay more and can’t get any Starter Kit that way.) and click continue to receive the 24% discount on everything. Member also means you get wholesale pricing forever!

2. The next step is to chose your Premium Starter Kit. This kit starts at $165 and the retail value of these are over $400 what if all the oils and diffuser was purchased separately! The starter kits are a wonderful way to explore more of what Young Living has to offer. Or Ningxia Red Starter Kit if you prefer antioxidants and energizing drinks. Or the Thieves Starter Kit for non-toxic household products. Or Savvy Mineral Starter Kit for makeup. Lastly, the Basic Starter Kit is also another option, especially if you have specific items in mind.

3. The Essential Rewards program is optional. This option is definitely recommended by us! No contract. Change your order each month. Cancel anytime. The perk is that you get free oils or products from the monthly promos and also get started right away in earning points back on this order! The first 3 months that you are on Essential Rewards, you’ll get 10% back, 4-24 months you’ll get 20% back and after 25 months you get 25% back. You don't want to miss these freebies. Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program that helps you slowly swap out your toxic products to plant based/oil infused. More oils, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaner, makeup, kid products…etc. You’re only asked to order 50 PV - point value a month (about $50) worth of items. There’s so many different oils and products to order that it’s super easy to meet this PV! I can help you create a 3 month wellness plan to get you going with this too. 

4. Want to add anything? The bottom has an option to add something to your kit order. More oils, toothpaste, cleaner, non-toxic makeup, pet items, kids or baby products, supplements, and so much more.

5. Fill out the membership info. No tax ID is required unless you want to join the business side to educate others about the oils & products down the line, which is an optional.

6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

7. Choose a shipping method, and complete the transaction with payment!

Congratulations and welcome to Young Living!

Let me know if you need anything!