What Makes This Coaching Program Different Than Others?

Have you ever come across a coaching program and tell yourself, “This looks good.” Then you don’t sign up or decide to go for it right there and then, because there’s something stopping you?

Right now, this uniquely designed program is speaking directly to you. It is asking you to not to let your fear stop you from taking the next step. Every one of us has a bit of hesitation inside of us. Instead of running the other way, use this feeling in a positive way to set that fire within you to propel yourself towards what you want so that you can:

Foster and grow in all areas of your life.

Develop stronger relationships with your community and others.

Connect within yourself and your mind-body-spirit.

Become in-tune with your intuition and use that as a driving force.

And guess what? The first thing that you will notice right away once you make the commitment to participate, is that your mindset is already shifting even before the very first session. Not many programs can do this!

Holistic tools will be used on your journey to assist you with developing and expanding yourself or your business, if that is your focus. So that you can work through your limited beliefs and fears. So that you can visualize your wholistic life into reality. So that you can do what you love and enjoy the most. So that you transform with each developmental stages of your leadership or business. So that you are happier, contented and striving.

It doesn’t matter what phase of your life you are in. Whether you are starting out, growing and got stuck, in a plateau or you have an idea forming but haven’t started anything yet. This leadership and spiritual development program is to help you work through any blockages or barriers that you have so that you can start living your dream.

- 7 Sessions over a period of 2-3 months, meeting weekly or bi-weekly.

- The focus is on what you need in order to become unstuck and move forward. 

- Assisting you with finding your blind spots, facing your fears, and taking different steps of actions that aren’t overwhelming for you.

- Homework, assignments or worksheets will be discussed for the in-between times.

- Unlimited access to email correspondences when needed.

- Cost: $1500.00 (This can be split into payment plans).

- Book your first session when you’re ready to make a 25% deposit ($375). You also have the option of paying for it in full.

When you schedule an appointment and make a deposit, there will be a brief questionnaire asking you what you’d like to focus on and inquire about different areas of your life. This will help me understand more what you’re seeking so that we can get to work right away during our first session. One of the questions will ask you what you are most comfortable with for communicating - if you prefer Video-chat, Phone, or messengers style chat, and we’ll go from there.